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Jones Act and Maritime Lawyers Serving St. Louis and Belleville Areas

If you have been injured while working on or on shore from a maritime vessel such as a cruise ship, barge, offshore oil rig, fishing boat, riverboat casino, ferry, tanker, yacht, offshore oil rig, or other type of boat or ship, you may be eligible for compensation under the federal Jones Act, also called the Merchant Marine Act of 1920. Nelson & Nelson has navigated these cases, and we can help.

All maritime commerce is regulated by the federal Jones Act, which provides sailors, defined as “seamen” in the act, with several rights, including a mechanism to hold crews, captains, and owners accountable for conditions that may lead to injury or death. Nelson & Nelson is a maritime and Jones Act law firm representing cases in Missouri, including St. Louis and its surrounding areas, and in Illinois.

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What is the Jones Act?

Congress enacted the Jones Act in order to stimulate growth of the domestic shipping industry following World War I. Among other important measures, the law required cargo that was being shipped between American ports to be carried only by U.S.-built, -owned and -operated ships.  

This legislation was, and still is, considered protectionist because it eliminated foreign competition in the U.S. domestic shipping market. The result, however, was that U.S. shipping-related companies could increase their rates unchecked. This has led to an increase in shipping prices across the country, especially in places like Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico where the majority of goods must be transported by sea.

On a positive note, however, the Jones Act also protects injured workers employed by many of these companies. In many cases, workers injured on the job are eligible to receive compensation beyond what individual states provide under workers’ compensation or disability provisions.

If you have been injured while working for a maritime company, or while working on shore for one, contact Nelson & Nelson for a free consultation. We will provide a no-obligation review of your case to determine if you may be entitled to payment for medical bills, lost wages, and compensation for permanent injuries you may have sustained.

It is important to seek guidance from a Jones Act or maritime attorney if you or a loved one is a victim of injury or death while working on or for a maritime corporation. In many cases, there is a statute of limitations, or time limit on when these cases can be filed; however, certain provisions can stop and start the timeclock on Jones Act cases. Nelson & Nelson will tell you if you have a viable case and ensure you have fair and aggressive representation.

Speak with a Maritime and Jones Act Attorney

Our team at Nelson & Nelson understands that personal injuries, including those suffered while working on ships, boats, and other vessels, can take an enormous emotional, physical, and financial toll on employees and their families. We provide the support and experience to relieve our clients from the burdens associated with the legal process. 

Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about whether or not you would like to pursue a case. Our consultations are no-obligation, meaning we assess your situation without payment of any kind. In fact, you are not obligated to pay Nelson & Nelson at all unless you win your case. 

If you or someone you love has been injured while working in the maritime industry, contact Nelson & Nelson today at (618) 277-5000 to schedule your free case evaluation.

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