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Nelson & Nelson Earns $125,000 Workers’ Comp Settlement

By October 31, 2019September 14th, 2022Case Wins, Worker's Compensation

In March 2019, Nelson & Nelson partner Nathan Lanter negotiated a settlement for 50 times the amount the client was offered before she hired Lanter to represent her. 

When Mr. Lanter was introduced to the client, she had been representing herself (pro se) in an eight-year-old workers’ compensation claim. 

A Chicago lawyer had just offered her $2,500 to settle the case and she was facing a motion to dismiss. She did not know where to turn and was considering accepting the settlement.

Mr. Lanter combed through all of the relevant documentation and recognized that she deserved much more than she’d been offered. All she needed was someone to fight for her.

Mr. Lanter set the matter for trial, insisting the Chicago lawyer make the trip to Collinsville. He negotiated and stood strong for the client, and a short six months later, he achieved a life-changing resolution of $125,000 for the woman and her family.

The case highlights the importance of retaining a lawyer experienced in workers’ compensation claims. It also makes our team of skilled attorneys proud to know that, once again, we were able to protect our client’s rights.

Our client’s life would be very different today had she not retained the help of an attorney at Nelson & Nelson. When it comes to workers’ compensation and personal injury claims from Chicago to St. Louis and beyond, experience matters. 

We work hard for hard-working people, and we’re glad we could help. Let us help you with your workers’ compensation case.

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