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Semi-truck’s illegal U-Turn on Illinois Route 50 near Salem, IL results in injuries and confidential 6-figure settlement

By May 11, 2022August 30th, 2022Case Wins, Reed Nelson, Truck Accident

A semi-truck attempted an illegal U-turn near Salem, IL, in Clay County. The truck was on a major state highway, and pulled directly into the path of Reed’s clients, who were traveling at about 55 miles per hour.  The crash was severe.  The defendant driver refused to call 911, instead calling his employer.  Reed was on the scene within a few days, interviewing important witnesses and taking photographs of debris.  Although the truck driver had multiple options to safely turn around, he instead chose to make a dangerous illegal U-turn.  After a thorough investigation, Reed hired a safety expert to pull the black box data from the truck and prepare a report.  Reed secured a confidential settlement for grateful clients.

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