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Rear-end Crash Results in Six-Figure Policy Limit Settlement

A driver smashed into the back of Dane’s client’s car while the client was stopped at a stop sign in St. Clair County. The force of the crash pushed the client and their vehicle entirely through a large, multiple-lane four-way stop intersection. Although Dane’s client had no broken bones, the crash caused severe back pain resulting in more than two years of treatment. During that time, Dane and his team communicated closely with the client regarding treatment and the effects of the injury on his work and home life. Dane’s client worked a physically demanding job. The back injury from the crash continued to give Dane’s client trouble at work, forcing him to miss overtime opportunities he always took before the crash. After an initial offer of less than half of the policy limits, Dane and his client stuck to their six-figure policy limit demand and received the total amount.

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